Brand : Chopin

Model : Alveograph


Measuring the plastic qualities of the dough by a method that is standardised and recognised as an international reference, allows you to determine the tenacity, the extendibility, the elasticity and the baking strength of your wheat and flour.


The Alveograph, which is the reference of professionals, enables you to characterise the behaviour of your dough and to analyse the plastic qualities of your wheat and flour.


Verifying the conformity of the products to their specification schedule.


  • Classification of the wheat according to its uses in production (measurement of W, P, L, G and P/L).

  • Detection of the insect-damaged wheat.

    Acknowledged efficiency:


    By using the Alveograph, you are complying with the AACC 54-30A, ICC 121 and NF IN ISO 27971 standards for determining the rheological characteristics of the flour.


    The advantages of the Alveograph


    Simplicity: By means of this appliance, you are able to prepare and analyse your samples.


    Reliability: Invented over 70 years ago by CHOPIN, this appliance has been greatly developed while also retaining its robust quality, and provides the assurance of simple, reproducible and standardised measurements that have guaranteed its success internationally and that have contributed to the current presence of its measurements in many specification schedules.


    Flexibility: Perfectly compatible with the consistograph, the Alveograph makes it possible to progress your appliance to a more complete solution, the Alveo-consistograph, for determining the water absorption power in just 4 minutes, as well as the alveographic parameters of strong flour.


    Versatility: The use of the Alveograph is perfectly adaptable to your needs: your protocol can be fully customised with the support of the Applications Laboratory.