MULTIMETER: pH - mV - Conductivity - Resistivity - Salinity - TDS - Temperature

Brand : Consort

Model : C3010 - C3011 - C3410 - C3411


Two independent channels for all measurements


- A large bright LCD screen with white backlight enables to view all channels simultaneously. 

- Multi-point (1...5) calibration of pH electrodes with any of eleven pre-programmed and five user specified buffer tables. 

- Multi-point (1...3) calibration of conductivity electrodes for increased linearity with any of three pre-programmed or three user specified standard tables. 

- The display guides you at any moment in the language of your choice (English, Dutch, French, German). 

- All necessary GLP-procedures are on board. 

- Password protection prevents any unauthorised access to the instrument. 

- Storage memory for up to 12000 values + date and time.

Model C3410 is equipped with two extra DIN-8 connectors for 4-pole conductivity electrodes. NEW ! 

- Two-way communication with any computer using USB (C3010, C3410). 

- Two-way communication with any network (LAN) using Ethernet (C3011, C3411).

RS232 interface for connection to a printer. 

- Robust dust and splash-proof cabinet. 

- Operates on the mains (100...240 VAC) or 9...15 VDC. 

- Optional 12 V car adaptor permits these laboratory meters to work in a car. 

- Freely downloadable data acquisition software enables to view, store and edit the measurements in your computer.


pH: -2...+16 pH 

mV: ± 2000 mV 

Conductivity: 0...2000 mS/cm 

Resistivity: 0...200 

Salinity: 0.0...70.0 

TDS: 0...100 g/l 

Temperature: -5...+105°C 

Resolution: 0.001 pH, 0.1 mV, 0.001 µS/cm, 1, 0.01 mg/l, 0.1 ppt, 0.1°C