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SIM Water Jacketed incubator and CO2 Incubator with Microprocessor Controller and HEPA Filter Contamination Control System. Precise control of temperature and CO2 Provides an exceptionally stable environment. Six Stainless Steel Shelves Suppplied with Unit.


◇ 100 class air quality performance 

◇ 150Iiter / 191Iiter capacity 

◇ water jacket, much stable temperature 


Cell and Tissue Culture, Immunology Genetic Engineering, Protein Synthesis, Virology, Neurology, Pharmacology, In vitro Fertilization, Human Vaccines, Veterinary Vaccines, Carcinogenicity Testing, Monoclonal Antibodies.


FEATURES OF INCUBATOR / CO2 INCUBATOR:High Production, High Capacity:

Designed for dependable in vitro incubation, the expansive chamber(supplied with six sheives)offer 150 Iiter / 191 Iiter capacity incubator, The lage, 86 Iiters water jacket envelops the incubator chamber providing superior insulation, while eliminating prime targets of condensation. Additionally, the water jacket is surrounded by insulation and a third wall, which makes these units ideal for maintaining precise conditions. In addition, our unique HEPA fitration system removes airborne microbes and isolated particulates.

Unparalleled precision

Precise control of temperature and CO2 provides an exceptionally stable environment. A microcomputer continually samples temperature in the water jacket and the chamber, making sensitive adjustments to the multiple, non-contact heaters, delivering unparalleled temperature uniformity, When validation is a must , go to the units data logger for answers. Its programmable outputs will transmit display data via RS232 or direct to a printer or to a remote alarm system. You can easily maintain precise time/date stamped records of all incubator functions as often as necessary, from one minute to 99 minutes. To insure optimal. convenient conditions we use 100% stainless steel chambers and shelves , removable door gaskets complete with guards to prevent damage when inserting shelves.

Safety in Backup and Alarm Systems

The audible/visual alarms for temperature and CO2 respond to out-of-tolerance conditions, but the absence of a communication system means warnings are not automatically recorded They do offer an independent over-temperature safety control to protect samples from overheating, An optional CO2 tank switch / alarm is the best way to prevent prematurely exhausting the gas supply.

microprocessor Temperature Control

Accurate Digital Display 

Heated Outer Door 

Inner Glass Door 

Autoclavable Door Gasket

Stainless Steel Shelves And Seamless interior

Primary Benefits of the HEPA filter Airflow System:

1、The HEPA Filter Airflow System, which is located inside the incubator chamber, ensures directed, continuous, gentle airflow throughout the incubator by filtering the entire chamber volume every 1 minute, class 100 air quality is achieved in our incubators within 5 minutes of the door closing .

2、The Copper Coated HEPA Filter snaps into the top air duct of the incubators , and prevents their escape. 

3、Long life designed for easy installation and easy replacement. with highest quality and greatest economy.

4、HEPA filtration does not interfere with the incubator's functioning or with the product.

5、Efficiency and long term effectiveness of our HEPA Filter System minimizes the need to remove your product for frequent, leng thy decontamination cycles.

6、The HEPA ilter may maintain a high quality environment when a system fault occurs.