Gel Documentation System

Model : Bio-best


SIM Bio-best and Chemi-best imaging system offers scientists a new generation 32 bits software, Windows 98/2K/XP compatible, able to satisfy the most stringent requirements in the area of quantitative and qualitative analysis of electrophoresis gel, transparent or not, as EB stained gels, autoradiograms, blots, dot blots, etc.


SIM imaging system is designed as an easy to use, economical and high quality gel documentation and archiving system for the life science laboratory, versatility, flexibility, and quality in gel documentation and image analysis applications. The Bio-best and Chemi-best Systems are designed for multiple-user laboratories and features live preview, pre-set exposure times, auto save and an integrated monitor in a compact design.



CCD Camera(for Gel Documentation System)

□ Monochrome CCD Camera with real time

□ Image resolution:

     BIO-BEST 300:2048X1536

     BIO-BEST 200:1560X1200 

     BIO-BEST 140:1280x1024

□ CCD size:1/2 inch 

□ Time of exposure:1-500ms

□ Dynamic:74db

□ Lens:8.1-51mm

□ Digital zoom:Real timeX6

□ Filter:UV bandpass and IR blocking

□ Signal to Noise:>62db

Cooled CCD camera(chemi)

□ Monochrome CCD Camera with real time

□ Image resolution:1392(H)X1040(V)

□ CCD temperature:-30℃



It consists of: 

A Metallic case with door(Epoxy paint) 

A fixed camera support

A UV safety switch

A tray with orbital slides for UV/WL table


UV Table


UV312*2020:20X20cm Filter Surface Area

UV312*2520:25X20cm Filter Surface Area

TWO Sidearm Units(Optional)

Reflected mode:UV254L and UV365R

White Light Table WL2520(Optional)

*Viewing or potography of protein gels, autoradiograms or microtiter plates.

*Illumination area 25X20cm


1. BIO-CAPT Acquisition software

2. BIO-1D Analysis software

3. BIO-2D Analysis software