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Chatcharee Holding Company

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Background of Chatcharee Holding Co., Ltd.

Chatcharee Limited Partnership was established in 1977 in an office with 2 staff dealing with the sales of general laboratory supplies and importing biochemicals and reagents. In 1995, Chatcharee Limited Part has started import and sales of laboratory instruments. We have done nicely in selling the products in Thailand. We then importing more laboratories and analytical products from various companies and countries and sell in the territory of Thailand.
In 1989, Chatcharee Holding Co., Ltd was established and registered as a company limited. In 1999, we have moved to a new premise. There are 39 motivated and dynamic staff joining the company. Our sales force has covered all of Thailand.


To be a leading company in scientific and laboratory instrument providers in Thailand


  • To become the convenient supplier for laboratory equipment and analytical products in industries, universities, learning institutions, hospitals, and consultant.
  • To provide excellence and reliability in products and after sales service.
  • To provide fast and friendliness to customer. We believe that if customers enjoy to work with us, they will remain being our customers.