Flask Heating Mantle : เตาหลุมให้ความร้อนสำหรับฟราสก์ก้นกลม

Brand : FALC

Model : MA Series

Option : with liquid recovery system

Capacity : 3,000 ml (101.44 US fl oz)

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The MA series from Falc are product line of heaters designed for flask. This MA mantles can be used for large matrasses, supplied with liquid recovery system. The housing and internal calottes are made up from stainless steel, and covered with glassfibre cloth. The graduated thermoregulator controls the temperature. In addition, resistances are accommodated in a ceramic-fiber block, which makes maximum use of the generated heat.


We attached great importance to safety by developing our MA mantles for large matrasses, provided with liquid recovery system, should matrass accidentally break.
Housing and internal calottes completely made of stainless steel and covered with glassfibre cloth.
Resistances are accomodated in a ceramicfiber block, in order to make maximum use of the generated heat, while reducing outer wall temperature to a minimum. Temperature is controlled by a graduated thermoregulator.
MA mantles are fitted with an ON /OFF switch with relevant green light.



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