Furnace : เตาเผาอุณหภูมิสูง


Model : XF Series

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Vecstar’s high temperature XF range of chamber furnaces are equipped with Molybdenum Disilicide elements positioned vertically down the sides of the chamber, this provides excellent temperature uniformity and rapid heat up times.

Vecstar Chamber Furnaces incorporate numerous safety features such as a vertically opening door to keep the hot insulation plug away from the operator, automatic shut-off switch that kills the power to the elements when the door is opened and a double steel skin ensuring the outer surface is as cool as possible. Only ultra ‘high grade’ insulation materials are used to ensure our furnaces are as energy efficient as possible.

Fitted as standard is independent over-temperature protection via a digital alarm, giving protection to both the furnace and contents at any temperature. Also available is a wide range of equipment and extras such as digital controllers, programmers, recorders, tongs and furnace tables.

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