PCR® UV Sterilisation Cabinet : ตู้ปฏิบัติการซีพีอาร์

Brand : Scie-Plas

Model : GLE-UVSC

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The Scie-Plas GLE-UVSC PCR® UV sterilisation cabinet provides effective decontamination of reagents and equipment before carrying out sensitive PCR® reactions, particularly when amplifying DNA sequences which are either in limited supply or of low copy number. Four timer-controlled 15-Watt UV-C bulbs enable the user to control the exposure time and dose of high energy UV-C irradiation required to denature nucleic acids that cause unwanted background contamination, while a timer override switch allows the UV source to remain on indefinitely if preferred. Safety interlocks switch-off the UV-C bulbs automatically when the cabinet side doors are opened, preventing accidental exposure to the UV source. The cabinet’s construction from UV-C-impermeable 10mm acrylic also serves as an effective barrier against radioactive isotopes, allowing the user to work in complete safety with high energy ?-emitters such as 32P. A single white light bulb illuminates the work area when the cabinet is in use. PCR is a registered trademark of Hoffman LaRoche Ltd.


Four 15-Watt UV-C bulbs generate sufficient high energy UV-C irradiation to denature nucleic acids in as little as 30 minutes, minimising unwanted background contamination in PCR reactions
Optimal reflectors provide uniform irradiation of the whole work surface area within the cabinet
Timer-control affords the user total control over exposure time and UVdosage
Timer override switch for constant UV-C irradiation
Safety interlocks immediately cut out the UV source when the side doors are opened, preventing accidental UV exposure
10mm optical acrylic acts as a safety barrier to UV-C and β radiation, allowing the cabinet to be used as a radiation work station if preferred
White light illuminates the work area when the cabinet is in use
Recommended for use with the RPP-TY6854 safety tray and RPP-TL6854 easy-clean tray liners (not included)
Techne® thermal cyclers also available



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