Vertical Electrophoresis : เครื่องทําอิเล็กโทรโฟรีซีสในแนวตั้ง

Brand : Consort

Model : TV100YK

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Scie-Plas now provide the first of a series of innovative solutions for scientists who prefer the latest advances in IPG (immobilised pH gradient) strip technology to more traditional capillary gels as the first step of 2-D electrophoresis. Our recently improved flatbed isoelectric focusing system (IEF-SYS) allows 1st dimension 2-D electrophoresis to be performed with multiple IPG strips within the same tank, while 2nd dimension SDS-PAGE is carried out in our existing TV100 and 400 Mini- and Maxi-gel formats (TV100YK or TV400YK).

Scie-Plas offer the complete 2-D electrophoresis system with everything you need for running reproducible 2-D gels.

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